Weber Entrepreneurs Association

WEA Team

The Weber Entrepreneurs Association is a Weber State University student organization focused on entrepreneurship, venture funds, and economic growth.

Founded in 2004, it started as an entrepreneurial club and has grown into a fully functioning business venture group that assists with major funding deals. The WEA received a million dollar endowment for student scholarships, and has gained national attention for its activities.

The WEA has partnered with Island Park Investments and will review business plans and meet with businesses seeking capital to grow its business. If a business looks promising, the WEA will set up meetings with Island Park for funding.

Featured Team Members:

Audrey Penrod's Signature

Audrey is the WEA President and has helped turn the WEA into one of the most recognized clubs on the Weber State campus.

Matt Peterson's Signature

Matt serves as an Exec VP and is a founding member of the WEA and has seen the organization grow leaps and bounds.

Bryant Wimmer's Signature

Bryant serves as an Exec VP and is an entrepreneur in the website/graphic design industry.